Lowest Airfares

There are many ways in which one can find the lowest airfares and the trick to doing this is to shop around and compare prices before purchasing the ticket. There are numerous “special offers” and low fares given by the airlines but one has to look out for these offers.

The most important thing for getting lower airfares is to be flexible as the more options one has the better are the chances of getting the lowest airfare. Looking for alternative airports, having flexible days and times of travel, and trying low cost carriers can all save a lot of money.

Some departure times are more popular than others and therefore more expensive. So getting the best airfare depends a lot on the day, time and month of travel. Some of the best deals may be limited to flying on certain days of the week. Midweek travel is usually less expensive. Also the last flights of the night and the earliest flights in the morning are more likely to be sold at a good price unlike flights at peak hours.

Booking in advance and buying as early as possible can save a lot of money as airlines usually have special offers for advance booking. Most discounted airfares usually have to be purchased 7 to 21 days before the flight.

Traveling during the off seasons can also be beneficial since there are fewer vacationers taking off at these times. And since the airlines still have to fill up their seats they generally like to give the tickets away for a good discounted price.

Using a travel agent is another way to save time and money. Many of the travel agents have preferred discounts with certain airlines and can offer some great deals.

Buying tickets online is also very convenient and if a proper search is done travelers can get some really amazing offers in airfares. Though there are many website and it can get confusing at times the smart way to do this would be to look for “last minute” websites. Since many airlines don’t like to fly with empty seats they usually unload last-minute seats to these websites and this is a great way to get the lowest price on the tickets. Also check out the several “”bargain airfare websites”” and shop around to see who has the best offer.

Fare sale is another one – many airlines put up seats for sale several times a year so it’s good to check for these offers. Traveling to alternate airports can also save hundreds of dollars.