eBay Auctions – Are eBay Auctions the Best Auctions, Best Deals And Best Shopping Portal?

I want to welcome you to my article. Now, I am not slamming eBay, Craigslist, or any other online shopping portals, but I want you to be educated on what is available and what you need to know that no one else will share with you.

Now, when eBay first hit the market, it was launched as the largest public garage sale available for you to find deals. And they have lived up to what they have wanted. However, let me share with you, yes you can get rid of things you do not want. What is one mans junk is another mans treasure. But let me ask you, when you were a child and on Christmas or your birthday, you got something and it did not work, you may have been upset but you could take it back to the store. Well if you bought the gift at a garage sale, it is fully buyer beware, and you do not have a way to get your money back. eBay is the same way, except you can complain to eBay and PayPal, but if it is not something that is totally misrepresented, you lose. Let me ask you, the last time you went to a garage sale, if two people wanted the item, did the owner work you two against each other to get you to pay them more money?

Now, let me share with you why eBay will want you to become a seller. First of all, they want your money. eBay now requires all payments to come in via PayPal. Wait, PayPal is owned by eBay and to accept funds, you lose part of your money. Yes, PayPal is a cheap way to have a merchant account and accept debit and credit cards and wire money. So you as a seller will donate some of your profits back to eBay. Now, in order to sell stuff, you must have a lot of junk, or you need to find a drop-shipper to send items out. Again, some drop shippers are really good and some not so good. But why does eBay promote drop shippers? They can get thousands of people to try to sell the same items. Now when they are doing that, every one that lists the item pays money to eBay for insertion fees. Sure the second time you list it, which most people will have to re-list, you get it free. But every time after it you will be paying. Then let us say you are a lucky person to sell the item, eBay will take their share of the final value back to them.

Now, I have purchased things off of eBay and yes, some were finds that I wanted, and I will say I may have saved money. However, there were some sellers that were not as ethical as I would have liked to deal with. Yes, eBay has a feedback on the sellers, and they can be good 90% of the time and then they totally suck and I have found the sellers like that. Sure, you can get your money back, but the frustration and time that goes into it stinks. You do not win things on eBay, you buy them.

Now, Craigslist does not really do the auctions, but it is a large garage sale. You do not have any recourse to get your money back and all deals are final. Now, you have to have a way to process credit cards as well and many run back to PayPal. Wait here we get caught in benefiting eBay again!

Now, the other day, I was able to go to a local church fund raising activity. You bought tickets for a dinner and a auction. They had items donated and some were real nice prizes. I was told years ago they had a car that was won. Now, I did not care what I won, I attended the event to donate some money to them. When I got to the dinner / auction was a brush I had with a reverse auction. They would draw raffle tickets and if yours was pulled at certain numbers, you won the prize. The tickets were a donation of $ 750 per person and they only sold 250 tickets. Now, sure they had lots of give a ways and a nice dinner, but some people when they left told me that it was too expensive and if they did it again, they probably would not. They also were not someone that had won.

Now, let me share with you the concepts of Costco and Sams Club that many people are attracted to. They save lots of money, because a group of people spend money to be part of a collective group. When that collective group gets together, they can buy in bulk and give you products where you can up to $ 50 off some products. This is a good way to save some money, but let me also share, out of all the membership, you sometimes buy some stuff that you would not buy that much of, or many members will not go regularly.

Let me also talk about shopping online. With people working long hours, this is becoming one of the largest areas people are growing. In 2008, Amazon had record sales in December. It was not for books and such, it was for online sales and affiliate programs and the stuff selling for the holidays.

Now, recently, I found a site where people were participating in on-line auctions and saving up to 90% off of the price and they were brand new items and came with company backed warranties. It also had a large on-line shopping portal where I could shop and save large amounts of money and save time so I could be enjoying my free time. These sites are available and the nice part is the company has a few licenses available and you can even get paid to shop! I love it. Now, this is one area that if you want to know what I found, you must contact me and I would be willing to talk more about the company I found that works and saves people their hard earned money. So contact me at 214-504-6476 and let us talk!

I hope I have opened your eyes to some of the things that you did not know about shopping sites, and would be willing to share more thoughts in future editions of my articles.