Get Best Deals On Cheap Atlanta Hotels

In USA, Atlanta is the capital and highly populated city of Georgia. It is the top business city of USA and makes it popular among business class. Thus there is high demand of cheap hotels in Atlanta though there are many attractive deals present in the market. There are some Atlanta Airport Hotels with best deals which may help you to search a good budget hotel.

The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North its price start from $99 per night which is very reasonable as this hotel also provides many good facilities which also include Wi-Fi facility. So it is a good choice for one in search of hotel with good facilities and affordable price.

JW Marriott Buckhead Atlanta: Starting Price $179 per night. There are many facilities provided by this hotel your kids can enjoy playground for very less price in this hotel and there are lot more facilities provided by this hotel.

Sheraton Suites Galleria- Atlanta: Staring Price $89 per night. Here you can enjoy many facilities including internet facility and all these on very cheap rates.

Besides the mentioned details about hotels one should always go for a combo deals. For example if you are going for business purpose to Atlanta then book your tickets through agents so that you get best deals, book the ticket with those agents only who provide you best rates for hotels too. And if you are going in large group then directly contact hotel from their website.

Because it is a kind of publicity for the hotel as so many people come to their hotel at one go and they do publicity if they get value of their money in a place like Atlanta. Where it is very difficult to get cheap hotels that too best deals for these kind of budget hotels.

Ways to Find Out the Cheapest and Best Airfare for Your Next Travel Plan

There are many tips and tricks that you need to know for getting the best airfare deals. Herein below are some of such tips to help you through your flight search.

Start your search as early possible

Almost all airlines release tickets around eleven months in advance. So you can start researching from the very day you decide about your next trip and continue to check them at least once every week. There are possibilities of fluctuations in air fare, so be ready to act as soon as your desired price is available. Waiting for the best deal may reward you sometimes, but can also be costly and frustrating.

Choose the best time to book your air-ticket

While booking air tickets you must consider to choose the correct time. As the peak seasons, holidays or weekends are expected to have much higher priced flights than the other days of the year. Try and avoid booking within fifteen days of flying or long in advance which is more than around five months. You may also opt for price guidance from a good airfare prediction tool found on the internet to get the best airfare deals.

Be flexible with the travel dates

Try to be flexible with your travel dates to save more money on flights. You must search a few days or weeks on both sides of your desired travel date to know about the top deals available. This is important because getting locked with an exact date can bring more challenges in finding a better deal.

Buy round-trip tickets

Round trip tickets actually cost less, whereas single way cost a bomb sometimes. So even if you are travelling one way you can purchase a round trip ticket in a much cheaper rate and later you can just forfeit the return leg portion. It may sound crazy, but it really works.

Search for alternate airports

Sometimes checking for different airports near you or the place around your planned destination is more likely to fetch a number of options to choose from, among which, if you are lucky you can even find the last discounted seat in the flight bound to your destination.

Consult the travel agents

Travel agents are one of the most useful resource for booking flights. At times, the lowest airfares are only available through travel agents. They can easily beat the best airfare available online and some of them even guarantees to beat any comparable quotes in the market.

Sign up for email notifications

Subscribing to some of the best airline newsletters can help you keep yourself aware about some of the best airline deals that are generally not announced or promoted. Email subscribers get several periodic discounts and last minute deals which can save them a lot of money.

Has Disney and Universal Studios Priced Themselves Out of Business?

Not too many years ago, Orlando, Florida used to be the travel destination of the world, but recently it has been showing signs of just the opposite. Restaurants are empty, gift shops are closing down and the biggest sign of all is the lack of attendance at the theme parks. With international travel at an all time low, you would think that the parks would take aim at domestic travelers to fill that void in attendance. But quit the contrary, they seem to be building more attractions and raising prices at their gates. The logic has perplexed many in the tourism industry for the past few years.

As tickets sales to the park decrease, the prices for tickets have gone up for some odd reason. Take for instance Walt Disney World . Back in 2000 the price for a 1 day Disney ticket was $ 42.14. Fifteen years later that same ticket is $ 103.31 and a Magic Kingdom ticket now is $ 111.83. That is over a 50% increase in little over 15 years. Universal Studios Orlando was the same price as the Disney parks and now their gate price for a 1 day ticket is $ 108.63.

At the writing of this article gas is down to an all time low of $ 104 a barrel making an average gallon of gas around $ 1.89. You would think mom and dad would throw the kids in the back of the car and do a road trip like our parents used to do, but that is not the case for some reason. When I look at the trends of what has happened over the past 5 to 10 years, a pattern emerges that many have been complaining about for quite some time.

Is it possible that the Orlando theme parks are pricing themselves out of business? The average middle class American has found it unattainable to travel to Walt Disney World anymore and have started visiting local destinations instead of taking that yearly trip to Florida. It has gotten so bad that travel leaders have coined the phrase, "Staycation". Sounds horrible if you ask me!

I truly think that when the theme parks crossed over that $ 100 1 day ticket line, they inflicted the damage to themselves. In business, we call that the "Psychological Price Tag" dilemma. The price of an item that makes us cringe when we see it. Think about planning your family vacation and then seeing the cost of a 1 day ticket to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or SeaWorld. The cringe factor times 10 set in and now you are contemplating staying home, visiting family or going to a national park.

Has the bench mark been set so high that the parks cannot return from? I wonder what it will take before they realize that nobody can afford to travel to their playgrounds anymore. Can a once world renown destination become the tourism capital of the world again? Only time will tell. But I hope they smell the biscuits soon as there may be nothing left if they wait to long.

The one good thing to come from all of this is that there are still a few companies out there that offer discounts to the parks.

Tips to Save More on Business Class Flight Booking

Traveling with luxury and comfort is everyone’s desire and no matter how fancier your carrier is, economy class can never beat the cozy environment and luxurious experiences one can have in the business class as they are solely intended to give the executive travelers some pampering and soothing experience while they are planning on taking head-on challengers right after the flight. If you have this deep desire of flying into business class from now on whilst paying less or saving big time on the airfares, you shall consider the following tips that are absolutely perfect to give you the better chance of flying in the business class without spending a good fortune on the airfares:

1. Keep a tab on special offers

In the time of digital marketing, many travel agencies as well as airlines are focusing on shouting out loud over the internet to inform the potential customers about latest offers on travel class upgrades, special airfares and other offers as per the season and requirements. If you are a tech-savvy or even consider yourself a good monitor on recent updates, then you will find subscribing the newsletters and recent updates on your phones quite useful as the both travel agencies and airliners tend to notify the customers about the latest offers and deals by using these modes.

2. Start early research for better airfares

If you have been thinking for traveling in the future and have considered your season or week of travel, then all you need now is to keep on searching for the better airfares as early as possible as most of the airlines tend to offer the best and finest deals in the beginning of the season and you can get your hands on the best suitable deal for your escape if you keep a track on those airfares and set a perfect timing to book your flights. If you keep on searching for the budget airfares in the early months, the chances of finding lowest airfares are quite high as the airline offer the best deals and air ticket prices in early month to generate the demand and increases the prices as the date of travel closes by.

3. Look for last minute deals

Contrary to the previous tip, last minute flight hunting can also be helpful as the passengers who have cancelled their flight tickets vacant the seats and airline often find filling the seats better than leaving it empty. To make sure the flight is full and packed, both the airlines and travel agencies offer last minute offers on empty seats that allow the budget travelers to take the chance and save the valuable money on grabbing on those last minute deals. So, if you are planning on last minute getaways, always consider searching for better airfares no matter how slim the chances are.

4. Use loyalty programs

Airlines, travel agencies and banks remain on their toes to keep their frequent customers happy and offer them some lucrative offers time to time. If you have been associated with these groups or clubs, then you can easily come across some special offers that allow you to either upgrade on business class flights with a nominal fee, cash-back offers or business class bookings in exchange of loyalty program points. So, always look for these offers that can be easily available and helpful while booking a flight and who knows, you might get a business class flight ticket at really affordable price.

5. Try lesser-known air carriers

These days, major airlines are ruling the world of aviation and overshadowing the small carriers who have great potential but due to commercial circumstances, they are losing the battle big time. So, if you are not a brand conscious person and can travel with any carrier as long as they cover your destination and have a business class in their flights with great amenities onboard as well as at the ground, you shall consider those carriers and take the advantage of competitive airfares these airlines are offering to compete against those big giants.

We all know that every comfort and luxury come with its own price and thus business class flights are often found quite expensive than the economy class and premium class flights. With their paramount range of amenities like entertainment options, cozy environment, more privacy, extra room, amenity kit and special assistance, passengers always envy of those suited business travelers who enjoy all the luxury and comfort while going on an international trip. So, if you too feel like experiencing all these leverages, then you have to become smart before booking your flights and consider the above options to make sure you get business class flights at lower airfares.

Ways to Find Cheap Discount Lift Tickets to the Best Ski Resorts

There are different ways to find discount lift tickets online and locally. Buying tickets at the ski resort’s ticket window should be a last option if you are trying to save money on lift ticket deals. Some of the methods are well-known and others are not, or the locations are not as obvious. Knowing all the possible places to save on the price of admission to ski and snowboard resorts is beneficial to those on a budget.

An obvious place to search for discount lift tickets is on the resort’s site itself. The Vail Group has online only deals that can save around $10 a ticket versus buying at the ticket window. These are sometimes available only during the early and late seasons, but depending on attendance and snow fall, these types of cyber deals will vary in availability. Some places will also offer buy on get one free vouchers or discount coupons that can be printed out to be redeemed when you buy your tickets in person.

On the subject of websites, there are a few places like Liftopia, REI, and Sports Basement to name a few outdoors shops that sell tickets to different snow resorts around the country. REI has a great online system that updates availability of the tickets and vouchers filtered by the location that you’d like to go and purchase them from. Often times, the local store will carry tickets to the nearby resorts. Therefore, you may have to fly into town and then go to the physical location in that city to get the discount. This is the same situation with Sports Basement.

Costco is another place where multi-day tickets can be obtained to local ski resorts. You can also buy online, but the resorts are limited, although they are the big name and popular destinations like those in Colorado and Tahoe. Calling ahead to verify that the tickets are in stock and the price is recommended. Popular discount lift tickets to places like Mammoth Mountain, Heavenly and Breckenridge often sellout, so buy early and you’ll be rewarded with a nice low daily price versus buying retail.

Other ways include redeeming your credit cards points of airline miles depending on the program you’re enrolled in. American Express offers these types of deals to trade reward points to lift tickets. For some areas, a site called Funjet can be of great service. They are a travel site that offers travel, flight and activity deals. If you sort by activities only and enter the town you’re visiting, you’ll find some surprisingly good lift ticket packages.

Of course there is Craigslist and eBay to find private sales by owner for vouchers, coupons, gift certificates, buy on get on free (bogo) tickets as well as multi-day and single day passes. You may even find season passes for sale. Knowing th proper keywords to filter out wanted and looking to buy ads in Craigslist is crucial. Also, use all the types of legal tender terms and offer words in your searches because often times they’ll be offering to sell some paper to trade for tickets.

Lastly, there are local super markets and convenient stores that will have exclusive deals for their patrons like Safeway, Albertsons, City Market and King Soopers. If you can’t find discount lift tickets with any of these ways, turn to ski and snow forums and search until to you find some.

Plane Tickets and Hotel Packages: What Are Some Ways to Save on Both?

Have somewhere to fly to? Need a place to stay? Why not combine the costs? In some instances you will get a bigger discount. There are plane tickets and hotel packages available for just about every destination on Earth. Packages are usually cheaper than individual bookings if no more than two people are traveling. If you’re looking for a couples’ vacation, for instance, a bundled deal will be the better option more often than not.

You’ll especially get a good deal if budget airlines like Allegiant and JetBlue offer direct flights and roundtrips from your nearest airport. They will work with some of the popular hotel chains to provide an affordable vacation experience.

Keep in mind that many of the best deals are offered through a third party. Do research to make sure that the site you book from is legitimate and has a good reputation. Take the time to read the fine print when looking for plane tickets and hotel packages. Watch out for resort fees. Some travel discount sites will add it and some will not.

If you don’t have any specific plans, you can simply browse the current packages to find out what is available. Which destinations can you book right now? What is the departure airport? What hotel or resort can you stay at? For how many nights? The listed price is usually intended per person.

Popular Destinations of Plane Tickets and Hotel Packages

Popular destinations that you will usually see listed include Vegas, NYC, Caribbean beaches, Maui, Orlando, etc. Depending on the season you might also find some decent deals on European, Australian, and Asian vacations. On some sites you can modify the results to include car rental. For the hotel, a minimum stay is required, which could be anywhere from two to ten nights. No matter where you want to go, offers are always subject to availability.

Sometimes it makes more sense to book plane tickets and hotel packages separately. As mentioned above, this is usually the case if there are more than two people traveling, unless the rest are children. Kids usually get to stay in hotel rooms for free anyway.

Don’t just automatically select the cheapest packages as they might not include everything you need. Research the hotels and airlines themselves before making a decision. You don’t want to stay at an establishment that lacks the amenities you need. Select plane tickets and hotel packages that offer the most value for your money, even if the prices are a bit higher.

Online deals are where you should begin your search for plane tickets and hotel packages. It’s a great, legitimate place to find all kinds of travel discounts, no matter where you want to go or what your plans are like. Use online promo codes on your next trip to get the best deal possible.

Your Best Sources for NFL Tickets

In theory, the best source of getting a ticket to any of the NFL games is the stadium where the event you want to attend will be held. That’s actually a lot easier said than done and most people often can be bothered getting to the stadium when there are sources nearer their places of work or residence.

The problem is often not the source but the availability of the NFL ticket for the game you want to attend. There are team match up games are simply more in demand than others that you’d be lucky to get one. The most popular and hottest NFL tickets are the Playoff, the pro bowl and the Superbowl.

And in general, the higher sections in a stadium command lower prices than the lower sections which are the choicest options and therefore, the most expensive. But for avid fans, the availability of the tickets for the favorite teams is all that matters.

Among avid NFL fans, getting advance NFL regular season tickets is supposed to be the most convenient way to attend your favorite NFL games that easily does away with ticket availability problems as the events fall closer to the date. But for some very popular NFL teams, the waiting list for a season ticket on all their 8 games simply makes the options an impossibility.

It’s expensive to have them in all eight games and there are chances that some games can be missed in which case, there are online NFL tickets sites that can purchase unused tickets days before the event. You won’t be able to sell at the same price you go it on those sites. Is Ticket Exchange an option?

Sites that sell also allow ticket exchange where holders can sell their extra or unused tickets online and are zapped up as the day gets closer to the event when there are no more ticket available from regular sources.

Depending on the demand, NFL tickets on exchange sites online can vary from $45 to as much as $3,000 each for front or low section stadium sections. Some people buy it days or even weeks before the scheduled event only to find out they won’t be able to use the tickets for whatever reason. If you have a neighbor who is likewise situated, chances are, he can sell the ticket to you either at cost or at a discount. But interestingly enough, some people actually make a habit of this knowing they can sell the tickets at a higher price than their face value especially when there are no more tickets available from the primary sources.

Get the Cheapest Flight Possible to Any Destination

If you've always wanted to travel but were held back by the daunting price of air travel, worry no more! This article will comprehensively guide you on the best methods of getting the cheapest international airfare deals.

1. Search for Deals Online

The main premise behind our new-found ability to find cheap flights is the fact that all flight information is now available online. Where you once had to either go to the airline in question or a travel agent to find your alternatives, now you can do so at home. There are multiple websites (eg Fare Compare, Google Flights) that allow you to enter your flight requirements upon entering which the website provides you with a list of options. These options are arranged in order of least to highest cost and so you can have your pick at the cheapest flights possible!

2. Book Early

Tickets can be bought for much cheaper prices the earlier you get them. It's no secret that tickets get more expensive the later you plan to buy them so it's always a good idea to plan ahead. Again, all you need to go to the same websites and find the listings for your eventual date of flying. Then check a couple of weeks later and you'll be surprised to find the difference in prices a week can make.

3. Browse Privately

The two tips above both rely on using internet to get cheap international airfare deals. These websites however are very clever and if you show interest to a particular flight with your repeated visits these websites then increase their prices. Therefore, when you do browse online for the best deals then make sure you are using the private browsing function of your browser. This will make it so that the website cannot collect data on your preferences and therefore won't hike the prices up when you aren't looking.

4. Identify the Best Day to Fly

Ticket prices vary throughout the week. The best thing to do would be to get a snapshot of flight prices in any given week and then identify the cheapest day. If this pattern repeats for the next week as well then you can identify the cheapest day to fly out. Therefore, when you know the cheapest day to fly out you can tailor your travel plans accordingly.

5. Budget Airlines

Another very easy way to find the cheapest international airfare deals is to befriend budget airlines. These airlines focus on providing the most barebones experience at a low price. This plays directly into the hands of the consumers looking for cheap flights. You might have to compromise on some simple amenities but you'll get cheaper fare.

Discount Lift Tickets – Learn What Colorado Ski Resorts Do Not Want You To Know!

How to get Discount lift tickets for Keystone Colorado, Breckenridge Colorado, Arapahoe Basin Colorado, Loveland Ski Area Colorado, Copper Mountain Colorado, Winter Park Colorado, Vail Colorado, Beaver Creek Colorado

Updated for the 2005-2006 ski season.

Discount Lift Tickets in Colorado- All Colorado ski resorts make it difficult for anyone coming from out of state to get a great deal on lift tickets. Don’t expect to get a great deal anywhere if you didn’t start looking in late September or early October. As your Keystone Lodging provider, we can help, but WE DO NOT SELL LIFT TICKETS.

The most expensive way to ski is to buy your lift tickets at the ticket window without any coupons. The following information will help you find the best deal around no matter what time of year.

Colorado Ski Season Passes

If you are in Colorado in April, September or October, you can look into buying a season pass for Keystone, Breckenridge, and A-Basin. Both Loveland and Copper Mountain sometimes sell season passes into November. If you plan on skiing 5 or more days, a season pass to one of the areas ski resorts will more than pay for itself and is the cheapest way to go…even though you won’t get to use it for the entire season.

:: Keystone :: Breckenridge :: A-Basin :: Vail :: Beaver Creek ::

Season passes are sold along the front range at places like Gart Sports, REI, and Christy Sports. Season passes for Keystone, Breckenridge and A-Basin usually cost around $329. A 2nd option is to pay slightly more and get 10 days at Vail or Beaver Creek added to that same pass. You MUST buy these in person, and you typically have to use it at least once before the holiday season, or it will become invalid for the rest of the year. These passes do have blackout dates during the holidays and during Presidents Day weekend usually, so make sure you read the fine print before purchasing these ski passes. If you’re planning an early season trip (Before December 20th) AND a later prime ski season trip (January – April), this is by far the least expensive way to go. Best of all, once you get a pass that you have to buy in person, you can renew it over the web year after year.

:: Arapahoe Basin Only ::

This year, Arapahoe Basin is offering a season pass of their own. For the 2005-2006 ski season, these are only $239. This allows unlimited skiing at Arapahoe Basin, but also allows you to ski at Keystone or Breckenridge for 5 days. One of the 5 days can be used at either Vail or Beaver Creek. This is an awesome deal if you’re coming out for a short trip of 5 days or more. Best of all, you can buy these over the phone and just pick them up at the base area of Arapahoe Basin. As always, get in on this deal EARLY. Passes are usually sold in September and October only. Check out the Arapahoe Basin Website for full details.

:: Copper Mountain :: Winter Park :: Mary Jane ::

Copper Mountain is offering season passes for the 2005-2006 ski season for only $279. You can buy these without being present, but you must submit a photo of yourself so they can print your pass. Add a few more dollars and you can ski Winter Park and Mary Jane too. However, Winter Park is a solid 1 hour drive from Summit County. Still, the skiing at Mary Jane is legendary and you won’t be disappointed with your day excursion to the snowpack in the Fraser Valley of Colorado.

:: Loveland Ski Area ::

Lesser known by people from out-of state, Loveland is a very inexpensive option. You’ll see Loveland Ski area on your way into Summit County on the East Portal of the Eisenhower Tunnel. The closest ski lodging to Loveland is in Keystone….only 15 miles away. Loveland offers season passes for $253. Being an independent ski resort, you can only ski at Loveland. Loveland is one of the highest ski resorts on North America and they are usually the first to open the ski season in North America in October. Check the webste for details. They have an outstanding variety of terrain and there are little or no crowds at any given time.

++++++++++++ Warning ++++++++++++

Do not EVER try to use a 4 pack or season pass that is not yours. There are extremely stiff penalties including large fines and possible jail time if you are caught. The lift operators WILL catch you. A free lift ride is simply not worth the consequences.

++++++++++++ Warning ++++++++++++

Colorado Ski Resort “Four Packs”

Another money-saving tip is to buy what is called a “4 pack” for your ski resort of choice. A “4 pack” is 4 days of skiing for any 1 person. Typically the ski resorts sell these early in the season, but have also been known to sell them again in late March or in April. Buying late in the season is ideal…unknown to many, April is usually the snowiest month in Colorado!

:: Keystone :: Breckenridge ::

For the Keystone and Breckenridge 4 packs, you must buy them in person and they are not transferrable. In previous years they have been transferrable until people started selling them for a profit on eBay. $ packs usually run about $99 and are bought in the same fashion that a Season Pass is bought. The 4 packs do have blackout dates, so read the fine print carefully.

:: Copper Mountain :: Winter Park :: Mary Jane ::

Copper Mountain offers 4 packs for only $69 and ARE transferrable. This deal usually is around for about a week and may have already passed. If so, you’re still in luck…both Copper Mountain and Winter Park offer 4 packs for $120, which is still only $30 per day. This offer expires on Dec 9th 2005, so jump on this quickly if you want to get in on the deal! There are usually rules and restrictions as to the dates you can use the 4 pack, so check the fine print carefully.

:: Loveland Ski Area ::

Loveland also offers a 4 pack as well for the 2005-2006 ski season. The 4 packs run only $99 but are only available through November 21st 2005. There are no blackout dates on these 4 packs and can be used anytime during the 2005-2006 ski season at Loveland.

:: Aspen :: Snowmass ::

Okay, so these 2 resorts aren’t really all that close to Summit County, but if you want to see what celebrities do during the winter in Colorado…try Aspen or Snowmass for a day. Cheap passes are available, but you have to get them in person. They are available up until November 20th, 2005 at select locations around the Colorado Front Range.

Other ways to get Discount Lift Tickets

Are you a member of the armed forces? Keystone has a special setup with any active duty military, Reservists, National Guard and dependents. Rocky Mountain Blue offers a Freedom Pass for only $129. This pass is good for unlimited skiing at Keystone or Arapahoe Basin. It can be purchased at military bases in colorado including Buckley AFB, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, F.E. Warren AFB, Fort Carson and the Air force Academy. You can purchase this anytime during the 2005-2006 ski season and it is good through closing day at Keystone. THIS IS THE BEST LIFT TICKET DEAL IN COLORADO.

Keystone Lift Tickets Sign up for a free Colorado Gem Card. These cards will give you discounts at other ski areas that are further away. The closest resort that accepts this card is Loveland Ski area, which is about 15 miles away right at the Eisenhower Tunnel on the Continental Divide.

Keystone Lift Tickets Know someone with a season pass? Season Pass holders usually can buy a lift ticket for you for a deeply discounted price of $29-$59. The number of times they can do this is limited.

Keystone Lift Tickets Don’t forget eBay! Many times people will buy a package deal and not be able to use it. Sometimes it’s a 4 pack, sometimes it’s someone who has an inside track to the resort and is trying to make some money on the side. Either way, MAKE SURE you check the lift tickets carefully to make sure you know what you’re getting. Search around and see what you can find!

Keystone Lift Tickets Buy an Entertainment book for the Denver area. These books are PACKED with ski coupons. We typically buy these books and keep them available for our guests to use. The coupons are for slightly discounted lift tickets. ($5 – $10 off ticket window prices) There are also coupons for ski school.

Keystone Lift Tickets Buy your tickets on the front range in or around Denver. Go to any Safeway or King Soopers grocery stores, or ski and snowboard rental shop. They sell disount lift tickets for most ski areas.

Keystone Lift Tickets As your Keystone Lodging provider, just ask us and we’ll do what we can to get you the right information you need or point you in the right direction to save you the most money given the time period of your visit. We typically keep a packet of coupons just for our guests use. When booking, please email or call us with your requests and we will mail coupons to you before you arrive. Coupons are first come first serve. These coupons usually come from Entertainment Books, and wherever else we can find them. We do not sell lift tickets.

BE CAREFUL – Some other lodging providers will entice you with a “package deal” saying that they will give you discounted lift tickets after your reserve your lodging…only to suddenly “run out” of the lift tickets after they have your money.

The Airplane Ticket: Only The Beginning Of The Cost Of Flying

It used to be that buying an airplane ticket was a fairly simple task. You’d pick your flight and time and pay to fly from point A to point B. Today, purchasing the ticket is a more complicated process. Fliers are confronted with a number of choices, each with its own price tag.

So many fees may be added to the price of an airplane ticket that the base cost is usually only a starting point. According to Max Levitte, co-founder of, “Consumers don’t know what to expect unless they read all the fine print, which is a lot nowadays.” While your cable company offers you bundling of services, the airlines are doing just the opposite, offering you a la carte choices of services that used to be included in the regular fare. The carriers contend that add-on airplane ticket fees are simply their idea of giving fliers more choices. United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek compared the process to ordering a pizza saying, “We used to serve you a pizza with all the toppings and that’s all you got. Unbundling allows passengers to pay for only what they want.”

But what if the current base price of an airplane ticket is as high as the traditional price “with all the toppings”? Due to the high cost of fuel, airlines need the extra revenue to stay in the air according to an industry spokeswoman. Perks that used to be included in the cost of an airplane ticket but now carry add-on fees include baggage checking (the heavier the bag, the higher the cost), cancellations and food and beverages. Some other fees added to the cost of an airplane ticket are for new services such as wireless internet access and seating with extra legroom. There is even talk of a new program whereby a passenger may buy a higher-priced airplane ticket which entitles him or her to 1.5 seats. If I were cynical, I might suggest that the size of the seats on airplanes has been shrinking over the last few years so folks would be enticed to buy a second seat. (Some do.) Selling a double seat means less passenger and baggage weight on the plane which results in lower fuel consumption while ticket revenues stay the same. Of course, it’s possible that I am larger now than I used to be and the seats just seem smaller…

In July, 2013, a survey by Consumer Reports named America’s Spirit Airlines the most hated carrier. About 39% of Spirit’s 2012 revenue came from sources other than the airline ticket. George Hobica, founder and editor of Airfarewatchdog, which tracks airline deals says, “Spirit is the only no-frills airline left with fares that can be 90 percent less than other carriers.” The problem is, in addition to the price of an airplane ticket, it also charges a wide array of fees: $10 to $19 just to book a flight, $3 for juice, a soft drink or candy and $35 to $100 per carry-on bag. Ironically, Spirit Airlines is thriving while other larger carriers are not. It must be very popular with those passengers traveling without luggage. It’s clear that, while no one likes added fees, the charges must be weighed against the all-inclusive offerings of airlines like Southwest and Virgin America to determine the best deal on an airplane ticket.